The Cleanest Type Of Cat For Your Apartment

The Different types of National Cat.

Should you have been thinking about getting a cat but are still open on which is the perfect for you, then this is right for you. Here, we explore some of the main breeds of cat to advise you make an informed choice. First, in your local bookshop or library you will find whole rage of books and resources that can help you choose a cat that will not conflict with your personality and life-style.

Just bought a kitten:
If you’ve already taken ownership of a kitten remember to not let it out into the garden until such time as it’s grown to be at least 5 months old. You might not consider your back garden a wilderness, but there are predators that pose a threat to your kitten until it reaches a greater level of maturity and size.

Firstly, one of the primary questions you will need to answer is if you are looking for an indoor cat or an outdoor cat.

The Tomcat: The Soldier of the outside
The Tomcat is a mixed breed, similar to the mongrel in dogs, and are exceptional survivors suited utterly to the outdoors. They are a good all-rounder breed with good resistance, health and a tremendous life-span. This is an ideal mixed-breed for first-time cat owners.

The resplendent Siamese Cat:
The Siamese cat tends to be quite high maintenance and requires a lot of attention. They enjoy people’s company and are very attached by character. Having said that, they don’t like to be left alone and can take to the furniture and fabrics is left for longer periods of time. The Siamese cat is a extroverted creature – which explains their very vocal nature – and they are thought of as one of the most intelligent of all the cat species. If a Siamese cat is adopted from a very early age, they bond very strongly with their owner, and become very possessive of that person.

The Amazing Manx Cat:
The Manx cat is clear to spot because it has either a very short tail or no tail at all. This omission of a tail does have a negative side-effect, (the tail helps form a protection for other tailed breeds) that the Manx cat is prone to suffering from worms and other parasites. But simply because it has this minor trouble (which can easily be remediated with treatments), you shouldn’t look across the breed. The Manx cat is a very intelligent and playful cat – if not more intelligent than the Siamese cat – and will quite happily fetch balls and bring them back to you. Its a bit like a dog in the form of a cat! Like the Siamese cat, the Manx cat will avoid to be left alone for long periods, so it’s prefered that they are in the company of other cats. Because of its mischievous nature, the Manx cat makes a easy choice if you’re thinking about getting a cat for your youngsters.

Persian cats:
Historically the Persian breed is one of the oldest of all the cat breeds. They are long-haired with a marvelously rich and shiny coat. They can be black, white as well as a mixture of the two, with brown around the face. The Persian cat is, like the Siamese, a very cordial cat; although by differentiation, the Persian Cat tends to be more susceptible to health problems. They are not as playful as the other breeds of cats but are sociable and like being around people. The Persian cat is happiest sitting on your lap!

This is a quick summary of three of the main breeds in the feline domain, but youll find a large range of cats to choose from. If you do your research, and pick out wisely, youll receive a life-long acquaintance, and have a very rewarding experience.

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