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Which franchise business is best? Furniture franchise

Are you planning to start a new business then taking up a franchise is the best option. One can find some best franchise ideas available in the market. We will take you through some of the best franchise opportunities in 2010 that sound profitable also.

Taking up a furniture franchise is mostly considered a profitable option. Taking care of furniture is about taking care of comfort and the environment in which people live, so there is an enormous amount of job satisfaction to be gained from entering into this sector.

Indian Furniture market is estimated to be more than Rs. 60,000 cr. Furniture segment comprises 65% of the home market & 35% of Institutions. The entire Home decor category spends, furniture accounts about 68% of the share while remaining 32% comprises of furnishings and home improvement. Imported furniture constitutes to 85% of the total organized furniture industry in the country. With the real estate booming, it sounds good times for the furniture industry.

Several furniture companies are offering their franchises to be setup all of the country.Today, some companies even offer custom made furniture that suits your style, space and comfort. Gone are those day when we need to buy standard designs and shapes as available in the furniture showrooms.

Some leading furniture companies use state of the art machines to ensure that demands are met perfectly and most of them provide premium quality leather that is water resistant, stain resistant and anti static.

If you are a currently thinking of investing in a franchise or business opportunity in a specific industry sector, then you should consider taking the advice of a franchise experts like VR Consultancy who can guide you in selecting the best franchise business as per your location & budget.

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Should You Buy Your Patio Furniture from a Big Box

Youve probably seen patio furniture in big box stores. You know those stores theyre crazy around the holidays. You can buy groceries, electronics and even underwear there!

Typically youll see patio furniture popping up around spring time and going on sale by Labor Day in these types of stores. So should you trust big box retailers for patio furniture?

Thats an easy question to answer.

If youre okay with your patio furniture lasting a season or two, big box stores are great. However, if youre looking for durable, high quality outdoor furniture, youll want to shop elsewhere.

For the best quality, shop at stores that specialize in outdoor living furniture. These types of businesses make their living selling furniture. They strive to carry high quality products because their reputation is at stake.

When you shop at a big box, you sacrifice quality for price. While a low price tag may be appealing. The furniture will not last as long. Youll end up paying more having to replace the furniture.

According to Home Accents Today, durability is one of the top features consumers are looking for when shopping for furniture. If its durability youre looking for, then youre better to go with a real furniture store than a big box.

Some customers think that quality outdoor furniture is out of their price range. This is a big misconception. Just because its well made doesnt necessary mean its overpriced.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, customers should focus on the value not the price tag. As an example, whats the better value a $700 outdoor sofa with free shipping or a $650 sofa with a $75 shipping fee?

The point is to be a smart shopper. Dont be blinded by bright sale signs at big box stores.

So how do you determine if the furniture is the right quality? Follow these tips.
Examine the Materials Used What types of materials are used? Quality furniture is typically made out solid wood or a high-quality grade of metal or glass. Cheap outdoor furniture will typically be made out of particleboard or even a cheap plastic. Never settle for plastic.

Look at the Construction Look at the joints of the furniture as well as stitching. Does the work seem quality? Cheap, inferior outdoor furniture lacks solid construction. This is one reason why it doesnt hold up well in comparison to quality furniture.

Ask About Weather Protection Find out what types of finishes and materials were used to protect against the elements. Big box furniture typically goes with the bare minimum. With quality outdoor furniture from a specialty store, you get better protection against sun fading, rust and warping.

Find Out About the Warranty See if the furniture has a warranty. If it does, see whats covered. Its important to check on warranty details to ensure that your investment is protected.Following these tips will help you find quality outdoor furniture. Remember, its always better to choose quality over price. In the long run, youll save more money and enjoy your furniture longer.

Treadmill Cabinets

If you’re fed up with your exercise equipment making your home look a mess there is a solution – treadmill cabinets. These are lovely pieces of furniture that will safely enclose your equipment and make your house look like a home again.

There are 3 different solutions that you can take if you want to install a treadmill cabinet. The first is to get an all-inclusive pack. The second is to buy a stand-alone cabinet. The third is the DIY route.

There are a select number of companies that supply an all-in-one treadmill cabinet. They come complete with a foldup treadmill so you know that everything is going to fit nicely. Hammacher have a unit that also has a weights bench and two sets of chrome weights. Essentially, it’s a complete home gym that can be packed away. The stylish armoire cabinet would suit a classic-styled house or office. At the end of your workout everything packs away neatly. This is a top of the range furniture solution and comes with a price tag around $3,000.

If you are looking for something a little less expensive you can get a stand-alone cabinet. These are available within the price range of $400-500. These do not come with a treadmill so you will need to take very careful measurements to make sure that the treadmill you have in mind will fit. Typically these cabinets are around 90 inches tall, 42 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Just ensure that your foldup treadmill will fit into this space.

The final option is the DIY route. If you’re handy you can quite easily put together a cabinet to cover your treadmill. The big advantage of making it yourself is that you can make it to the exact size and shape of your treadmill. Although some treadmills are advertised as being fold up, the footprint can still be large when considering a cabinet. For instance, Pacemaster have an excellent quality fold up model but the depth is still 28 inches. You can accommodate this if you choose to build your treadmill cabinet yourself.

Finding Home Furniture for Sale Online

Shopping for home furniture for sale online is by far one of the best things in the world that you can do, for many different reasons, which we are going to explore here. We are also going to talk about some of the ways that you can find home furniture for sale online quickly, easily and find it fast. The very first benefit that we are going to talk about in the way of home furniture shopping online is that you never have to leave your home! You will be able to sit back, put your feet up and truly shop in the comfort of your own homes and the best part is that the online stores are open 24 hours a day!

Shopping online for the very first time can be scary; however there is something unique and different about it, especially since you can pretty much find anything in the world whenever you are looking for unique and different furniture online. Online shopping also allows you the ability to comparison shop, which means that you will be able to find the very best price, which in turn means you will be able to choose great furniture at low prices.

Shopping online can be a little challenging at times too though, with all of the different choices, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you want, but there are ways around this. For example, if you make a list of everything that you want before you log online, it will be that much easier to narrow down the types of websites that you are going to want to go to.

Comparison shopping is something that is very easy to do whenever you are purchasing furniture online because you can just instantly go to another website if one website is not giving you the price that you want. Going to store after store can be difficult and that is why shopping for home furniture for sale online is so much easier.

One thing that you do want to remember whenever you are dealing with purchasing furniture online is finding a website that offers up a great return policy as well as fantastic warranties, as you want to make sure that you have those. You also might want to take a look at the reviews from actual customers of the websites, that way you can know the good, the bad and the ugly on whether this is a good deal or not.

What Is Abaca Furniture

Abaca comes from the abaca plant, which belongs to the banana family. This plant is cultivated on a large scale basis in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. It has economic significance, and is harvested for its fibre. The plant itself grows up to be about 6 meters tall.

The fibre is a tough material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is harvested every 18-25 months. The tree itself has a life span of about 10 years. That means throughout its lifespan, a tree can be harvested for about 4 to 6 times.

The harvesting begins with removing the outer layer of the banana tree. Once removed, it requires little processing. It is laid in the sun to dry by itself. Once tried, it can be twisted to be made into ropes. The ropes are strong and tough, and takes on the characteristics of the fibre. Furniture manufacturers like to use the ropes to create all kinds of furniture.

Abaca furniture.

The process of creating abaca furniture is somewhat similar to cane furniture. After the ropes have been created from the tree fibre, it is used to wrap around furniture frames to create different types of furniture. The weaving process is what makes the appearance of abaca furniture similar to cane furniture.

Like cane, abaca has a rich natural color. Once completed, the furniture can be left in its natural colors, or it can be finished with paints or dyes. Usually, it is left in its natural state. This reduces production costs, and the furniture also looks better in its natural colors.

As you can imagine, all kinds of furniture can be created from this versatile material. If there is something you can find in cane, you can find in abaca. For instance, you can find corner sofa sets, standalone arm chairs, bar tables, coffee tables, bar chairs, dining tables, dining chairs, and more.

Abaca furniture has the ability to transform the environment into something that is relaxing. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the furniture is created with a natural material. The surroundings tend to be more serene and peaceful. Therefore, alongside other types of furniture, it is common to find abaca furniture in holiday resorts, by the pool, etc. If you are in the habit of relaxing in the study room, perhaps it would be a good idea to place an abaca chair in the room. It will help you relax as you read.

As for maintenance, abaca furniture is very easy to maintain. Clean it regularly with warm water and a damp cloth to remove any dirt, dust or grime that may have accumulated over time. This will help protect the abaca furniture. If there are cushions, remove them and air them while you clean the furniture.

How To Repair A Wooden Outdoor Rocking Chair

Some people just toss out old patio furniture, but not you. You’re the kind of handyman (or woman) who knows how to get the most mileage out of a piece of furniture. An outdoor rocking chair can be a cherished piece passed down through the generations. Keep yours looking like the day you bought it with some repair tips.

Problem #1: Uneven or discolored finish
To repair the aesthetic portion of your outdoor rocking chair, you will first need to strip away any visible traces of an existing finish. You can use a finish stripper or just sandpaper. You can also use a putty knife to get off any especially thick spots, but be careful not to nick the wood. Once the surface is smooth and free of varnish, clean off all surfaces to ensure that the finish sticks better. Then, you can apply one to two coats of a finish of your choice, an oil-based varnish or paint, for example.

Problem #2: Damaged spindles
One feature found on many a wooden outdoor rocking chair is spindles. These are the rod-shaped pieces of wood that make up the backrest and sometimes hold up the armrests as well. The problem is that these can often be quite thin and delicate and prone to breaking.

To remove, use a hammer and punch, but in the armrests substitute a non-slip pad in order to twist out the spindles. If you cannot find an exact match for your existing spindles, you will want to remove them all and buy an all new matching set. When replacing the spindles, clamp them into the chair until the glue has a chance to fully dry.

Problem #3: Mold, stains and discoloration
If the finish is not a problem, but the wood itself has become discolored from black mold or some other stain, you can do one of two things: you can either cover and hide the stain, or try and remove it. To hide the stain, clean the wood off using soap and water and then apply a coat of an opaque or stain-hiding primer. Then you can choose whatever color to paint your outdoor rocking chair once the primer is completely dry.

However, if you want to try and preserve the natural coloration of the wood, you might opt to remove the stain, which is slightly trickier. To be the most gentle on the wood, go from mildest to strongest cleaners when trying out what works. For mild stains and buildup, try soap and warm water or a wood-safe cleaner, like Murphy’s.

If that doesn’t work, use a stronger cleaner, but avoid power washers, as they can damage the surface and grain of wood. A stronger solvent like chlorine or bleach mixed with water is effective, but work in small, concentrated areas using gloves and goggles and do not let the mixture sit for too long on the chair, as it will start to eat away at the wood.

Problem #4: Broken or uneven pieces
If the seat or other parts of your outdoor rocking chair have fallen into disrepair you can do a few different things. For small cracks, you can either try to sand them out so that they not spread, or else try gluing small pieces of wood directly into the cracks.

For bigger cracks, rotted or warped wood or completely broken pieces, you will want to replace that section altogether. This is a bigger job best left to professionals if you’re unsure, but if you do decide to do it, make sure the wood you choose is even and matches. Try to replace as little wood as possible, as this will change how the chair contour fits and looks.

Vertical Blinds Pros And Cons For Window Treatments

If you want the rooms in your home to be stylish and energy efficient, you should consider vertical blinds as your window covering. Vertical window blinds are attractive and durable as well. When choosing your next window blinds, consider some of these facts about vertical shades for your windows.

Vertical windows blinds consist of an overhead track that holds individual slats. These slats or blades are operated by a pull cord to open and close the entire blind, or by a twist rod to rotate the blades. Rotating the slats allows you to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Blades that are fully opened let in almost as much light as a fully opened vertical window blind.

Vertical window blinds not only allow for the control of sunlight in the room, they also help to control the temperature of your home. If your home has a large window opening, the summer heat can cause a high cost for cooling the interior air. In the winter season, cold air from the outdoors affects the amount of energy that you need to keep the indoor air warm. Windows are appealing to the eyes, but may be painful to the pocketbook unless you install good blinds.

If you add blinds to your windows, it provides an extra barrier against temperature variations between inside and outside thermometer readings. In the winter, you can adjust window blinds to let in a little more sunshine. You will be surprised at how fast the sun’s rays can warm an interior air space. Because the individual slats are so adjustable, you can get the sun’s rays without the problem of fading of your carpets and furniture.

In the summer, you don’t want the sunshine in your rooms. You can adjust the slats to prevent direct sunshine while still allowing for natural light in the room. When you have windows that open, you will enjoy cooling breezes without putting up with direct sun’s rays. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the necessity of replacing or recovering your furniture.

The individual slats of vertical window blinds are easy to replace. If the bottom edge gets worn or discolored you can remove one or more slats and easily pop in a new blade. This is great for a broken, bent or weathered blade as well.

When you are choosing vertical window blinds, you must be aware of the relative durability of the various materials from which they are constructed. Aluminum blinds are light weight and come in many attractive colors and widths, but they tend to bend more easily and are difficult or impossible to straighten completely once bent. Wooden blinds are warm and rich in appearance but weigh more. The finish on wood may need more care than on some of the other construction materials. If you choose plastic or PVC, the slats wipe clean and the color is all the way through the slat, but some people dislike the possible health issues of PVC. Plastic is more likely to discolor and become brittle when exposed to the sun’s rays for a long period of time.

Regardless of the materials that you choose for your vertical blinds, you can expect the benefits of eye appeal and durability. You will save on energy costs to heat or cool your home. Protect against the costs of furniture and carpet replacement with vertical window blinds in your rooms.